Publication: OSI Network-layer Abstraction Analysis of Simulation Dynamics and Performance Indicators

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Title OSI Network-layer Abstraction Analysis of Simulation Dynamics and Performance Indicators
Authors/Editors* A.T. Lawniczak, A. Gerisch and B. Di Stefano
Where published* in Proceedings of The International Conference “Science of Complex Networks: From Biology to the Internet and WWW (CNET 2004), edited by J. F. Mendes et al., AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 776 (2005) 166-200.
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2005
Volume 776
Number 1
Pages 166-200
Publisher AIP
Keywords Packet-switching networks; Routing algorithms; Network topology; Network performance; congestion
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model provides a conceptual framework for communication among computers in a data communication network. The Network Layer of this model is responsible for the routing and forwarding of packets of data.We investigate the OSI Network Layer and develop an abstraction suitable for the study of various network performance indicators, e.g. throughput, average packet delay, average packet speed, average packet path-length, etc. We investigate how the network dynamics and the network performance indicators are affected by various routing algorithms and by the addition of randomly generated links into a regular network connection topology of fixed size. We observe that the network dynamics is not simply the sum of effects resulting from adding individual links to the connection topology but rather is governed nonlinearly by the complex interactions caused by the existence of all randomly added and already existing links in the network. Data for our study was gathered using Netzwerk-1, a C++ simulation tool that we developed for our abstraction.
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