Press Releases

Canada’s largest High Performance Computing (HPC) consortium formally launched its second phase of development at concurrent events at Western, McMaster University and the University of Guelph Tuesday afternoon.

SHARCNET has announced the launch of the second phase of its development at the University of Western Ontario and McMaster University.

SGI Altix 128-Processor System Delivers First Shared-Memory Processing Capabilities to Southwestern Ontario’s SHARCNET Grid.

HPCwire got a chance to talk with the Scientific Director of SHARCNET, Hugh Couchman, about his vision for the organization in the context of Canadian HPC.

SHARCNET hopes today’s announcement of the Long Range Plan will place Canada at the forefront of computing technology.

Today seven leading technology companies announced support of a Long Range Plan for High Performance Computing in Canada.

Expert panel participates in launch of Canada’s first School of Computational Engineering and Science at McMaster University.