Press Releases

Wilfrid Laurier’s Faculty of Science has launched a monthly seminar series in Computational Sciences and Modelling. The series, sponsored in part by SHARCNET, will cover all areas of Computational Science and Applied & Statistical Modelling.

Canada’s high performance computing industry is critical to the health of country, and more awareness and attention needs to be paid to its development, according to a new survey of industry experts.

SHARCNET has become part of Canada’s largest virtual supercomputer shrinking 20 years worth of biochemistry research into 2 days. The project is the third undertaking by the Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer (CISS), an initiative that harnesses the total research computing capacity in Canada to create a virtual supercomputer.

SHARCNET’s Fall Workshop 2004 will be held October 13-15 at Wilfrid Laurier University. An optional bonus day, Introduction to High Performance Programming, will be held on October 12. This year’s workshop will feature expert talks on leading-edge computing hardware, tutorials on software such as libraries, and seminars and keynotes on fundamental HPC computing strategies.

Thanks to an investment from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario government, confirmed this week, SHARCNET will be soon be among the world’s most powerful High Performance Computing (HPC) centres.

SHARCNET is pleased to announce the following best poster prize winners from its 2004 AGM: Interactive Parallel Visualization of Large Particle Datasets and Hydrodynamic Datasets by K. Liang, W. Guan, P. Monger and H. Couchman, McMaster; and Dependence of the Folding Process and Stability on the Location of a Hydrophobic Pair in a Beta Hairpin by H. Imamura and Z.Y. Chen, Waterloo.

University of Guelph Professor David Swayne, Associate Editor of the Journal of Environmental Modelling and Software, has issued a special Call for Papers for a SHARCNET edition of the journal, under the theme of High Performance Computing and Environmental Modelling. Deadline for submission September 15, 2004.