Research Fellowships

One of SHARCNET's key objectives is to recruit and support research personnel who utilize HPC. This objective is accomplished through the Fellowships Programme, which primarily provides funding for postdocs, students, and distinguished visitors. Fellowships are awarded via a grant competition process administered by SHARCNET.

Since 2001, over 200 Fellowships have been awarded through eight funding rounds. Supporting these individuals allows SHARCNET to increase the number and quality of research personnel involved in HPC, leading to significant scientific discoveries.

Types of Fellowships

The SHARCNET Fellowships provide financial support for a wide spectrum of personnel needs for research. The Fellowships are:
  • Senior Visiting Fellowships: To attract and support world-class, "distinguished" researchers who wish to visit a SHARCNET institution for an extended period. These Fellowships may also be used to support visiting faculty on sabbatical leave from their home institution.
  • Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellowships: To assist in attracting the best trainees to work with SHARCNET researchers.
  • Undergraduate and Co-op Fellowships: To allow excellent undergraduate students to become involved in SHARCNET research projects during the summer months, or during a co-op term within their degree program.
  • Digital Humanities Fellowships: Available only to the DH community, this programme primarily consists of teaching release, which can be bundled with programming and/or visualization support and support for travel for presentation of Fellowship outcomes at conferences.

Only full-time faculty at SHARCNET partner institutions who are eligible for funding may apply for Fellowships.

Open Rounds

The Fellowships Programme is suspended until further notice. The programme may be resurrected if new funding sources become available. Please refer to previous application guidelines for more information.

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