SHARCNET Round IX Research Programs
Fellowship Awards
December, 2008
Name Institution Field Program SHARCNET Funding Award
Drake, Gordon Windsor Physics Graduate $20,030
Gauld, James Windsor Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate $20,254
Basu, Shantanu Western Physics & Astronomy Graduate $24,000
Gel, Yulia Waterloo Statistics & Actuarial Science Graduate $8,000
Devereaux, Thomas Waterloo Physics & Astronomy Graduate $13,000
Stastna, Marek Waterloo Applied Mathematics Graduate $26,000
Lawniczak, Anna Guelph Mathematics & Statistics Graduate $26,000
Swayne, David Guelph Computer & Information Science Graduate $6,000
Anand, Madhur Guelph Environmental Biology Graduate $26,000
Crawford, Steve Guelph Integrative Biology Graduate $18,000
McConnell, Sabine Trent Computer Science Graduate $5,000
Sinclair, Stefan McMaster Communi Studies and Multimedia PostDoc $33,000
Eliasmith, Chris Waterloo Philosophy PostDoc $45,000
Gardner, Bill Guelph Computing and Information Science Undergrad $7,000
Huang, Jimmy York School Of Information Technology Undergrad $7,000
Ghose, Shohini Laurier Physics and Computer Science Undergrad $7,000
Makarov, Roman Laurier Mathematics Undergrad $7,000
Faisal, Qureshi UOIT Faculty of Science Undergrad $7,000
Mawhinney, Robert Lakehead Chemistry Undergrad $7,000
Dedicated Resources (Conditionally Awarded)
Name Institution Field CPU time  (hrs) Storage (TB)
Lacefield, James Western Electrical & Computer Engineering 36,000 0.02
Mueser, Martin Western Applied Mathematics 180,000 0.5
Schost, Eric Western Computer Science 1,900,000 0.05
Gingras, Michel Waterloo Physics & Astronomy 418,000 0.01
Couchman, Hugh McMaster Physics & Astronomy 700,000 0.7
Wadsley, James McMaster Physics & Astronomy 1,200,000 1.25
Pomes, Regis Hospital for Sick Kids Molecular Structure & Function 450,000 1
Pomes, Regis Hospital for Sick Kids Molecular Structure & Function 385,000 1