Dedicated Resources

In 2007, SHARCNET introduced the Dedicated Resources Programme which allows a researcher to apply for dedicated CPU time and/or storage. In 2011 Compute Canada's NRAC Programme superceded SHARCNET's local Dedicated Resources Programme, however, SHARCNET continues to run a Small Dedicated Resources program in addition to NRAC to serve urgent requests for substantial computing using SHARCNET resources.

Programme Objective

  • To enable and facilitate large computational projects of exceptional research merit that will achieve discoveries of international significance through the optimal exploitation of SHARCNET's computing infrastructure.

Summary of Programme

This programme allocates dedicated computational resources such as CPU time or storage as follows:
  • CPU time allocation: To enable high quality projects requiring large allocations of CPU time. The level of resources required for these projects is beyond that normally anticipated to be available to a project through general access (via the queuing system). Allocations of CPU time may be for large numbers of CPU-hours on either parallel systems (for "capability" applications) or on throughput facilities.
  • Storage allocation: To provide large amounts of data storage and/or data storage for extended periods for specific high-quality projects.

Note that dedicated resources are for specific projects, not to provide resource "envelopes" for multiple projects. All CPU use at SHARCNET, obtained through either general access or dedicated time, remains free at present.

Currently, SHARCNET provides dedicated allocations via our local Continuous Small Dedicated Resources programme (primarily for urgent access to significant resources) and the Compute Canada national resource allocation process (for long-term projects that require significant resources).

Applications for dedicated resources are open to all faculty (PI) applicants with a valid SHARCNET account.

Open Rounds

Compute Canada NRAC (National Resource Allocation Competition)

The Compute Canada NRAC allocation process accepts applications for substantial dedicated resource allocations every September, as well as other specialized allocation rounds throughout the year. If you have a Compute Canada account please log in to the Compute Canada website and visit your resource applications page for further details.

SHARCNET Continuous Small Dedicated Resources

SHARCNET's Small DR has been suspended until further notice.

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