Publication: A Novel Finite Element For Treating Inhomogeneous Solids

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Title A Novel Finite Element For Treating Inhomogeneous Solids
Authors/Editors* S.A. Meguid, Z.H. Zhu
Where published* International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
How published* Journal
Year* 1995
Volume 38
Number 9
Pages 1579-1592
Publisher Elsevier
Keywords novel element, inhomogeneities, complex potentials, Laurent series
This study is concerned with the development and implementation of a novel finite element which is capable of treating the problem of interacting circular inhomogeneities in heterogeneous solids. The general form of the element, which is constructed from a cell containing a single circular inhomogeneity in a surrounding matrix, is derived explicitly using the complex potentials of Muskhelishvili and the Laurent series expansion method. The strength of the proposed eight-noded plane element is demonstrated by its ability to treat arbitrarily and periodically located multiple inhomogeneities under general loading conditions using a limited number of elements. Assessment of the accuracy and efficiency of the devised element is obtained by comparing its performance against existing analytical and traditional finite element attempts. The current element enables the determination of the local and effective elastic properties of composite materials with relative ease.
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