Publication: Modeling air traveller choice behaviour

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Title Modeling air traveller choice behaviour
Authors/Editors* Andrew Tron, Lloyd McCoomb, Mark Nowicki, Peter Kowal
Where published* Transportation Research Board 86th Annual Meeting
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2007
Volume -1
Number -1
Pages 07-0778
Publisher Transportaion Research Board
Keywords discrete choice, stated preference, aviation
This paper reports on a passenger survey conducted in the passenger holdrooms of Toronto Pearson Airport. This survey targeted southern Ontario residents travelling non-stop to a selected set of U.S. destinations. Eligible, participating passengers were first asked a series of background questions. Then, they were asked to evaluate a series of choices of airline offerings, based on their current itinerary. Their choices were to remain with their current airline, switch to another local airline, or switch to an airline operating out of a remote airport. Price and schedule were varied for each choice. The data from this stated-preference survey were then used to estimate discrete-choice random utility models (one for business and one for non-business travellers). A nested-logit form was used, along with a normally distributed random coefficient to account for correlations between the choices for each passenger. Initial results from the model estimation are included. For the most part, passenger behaviour is consistent with expectations. The information gleaned from this study could be used to estimate passenger acceptance of a proposed new airport in the Toronto area.
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