Publication: Bethe logarithm and QED shift for lithium

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Title Bethe logarithm and QED shift for lithium
Authors/Editors* Z.-C. Yan, G. W. F. Drake
Where published* Phys. Rev. Lett.
How published* Journal
Year* 2003
Volume 91
Pages 113004 (4 pages)
A novel finite basis set method is used to calculate the Bethe logarithm for the ground 2 S-2(1/2) and excited 3 S-2(1/2) states of lithium. The basis sets are constructed to span a huge range of distance scales within a single calculation, leading to well-converged values for the Bethe logarithm. The results are used to calculate an accurate value for the complete quantum electrodynamic energy shift up to order alpha(3) Ry. The calculated 3 S-2(1/2)-2 S-2(1/2) transition frequency for Li-7 is 27 206.092 6(9) cm(-1), and the ionization potential for the 2 S-2(1/2) state is 43 487.158 3(6) cm(-1). The Li-7-Li-6 isotope shift is also considered, and all the results compared with experiment.
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