Publication: Preliminary Findings of Visualization of the Interruptible Moment

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Title Preliminary Findings of Visualization of the Interruptible Moment
Authors/Editors* Edward R. Sykes
Where published* Lecture Notes in Computer Science
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2009
Publisher Springer
Keywords Visualization, HCI, user models, HPC and real-time user modeling
Intelligent software must frequently interrupt users, but the problem of deciding when to interrupt the user is still unsolved. In this paper, an algorithm is presented that identifies the appropriate times to interrupt the user is proposed and visualizations of the user’s state. The Intelligent Interruption Algorithm draws from user, task, and environmental contextual information dynamically extracted from the environment as the user performs computer based tasks. The visualizations are a representation of these complex components presented in a way that is meaningful for analysis purposes and for the user. This paper presents the following: the interruption algorithm; the machine learning algorithms used; and the preliminary results of visualizing the interruptible moment
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