Publication: Performance & packet traffic dynamics of Packet Switching Network Model

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Title Performance & packet traffic dynamics of Packet Switching Network Model
Authors/Editors* A.T. Lawniczak
Where published* Proceedings of ICIAM 2007
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2008
Pages 2
Publisher Wiley Interscience
Dynamics of packet traffic in data communication networks can be complex and often not well understood. Understanding of these complex dynamics is important for their control, prediction purposes and for the data networks design. The engineering community has described wired data networks architectures and studied them by means of a layered, hierarchical abstraction called ISO OSI (International Standard Organization Open System Interconnect) Reference Model. The Network Layer of the ISO OSI Reference Model is responsible for routing packets across the network from their sources to their destinations and for control of congestion in data networks. Using an abstraction of the Network Layer that we developed, we investigate packet traffic dynamics in our data network models of data communication networks of packet switching type, in particular near the phase transition point from free flow to congestion. We explore how these dynamics and network performance indicators are affected by network connection topology and routing algorithms. We consider static and adaptive routing algorithms.
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