Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2007

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
121. "Release Pattern Discovery via Partitioning: Methodology and Case Study" 2007 Abram Hindle, Michael W. Godfrey, Richard C. Holt. Software Engineering
122. "Release Pattern Discovery: A Case Study of Database Systems 2007 Abram Hindle, Michael W. Godfrey, and Richard C. Holt Software Engineering
123. 'Comment on `Extrinsic origin of the insulating behavior of polygrain icosahedral Al-Pd-Re quasicrystals' " 2007 J. Dolinsek, P.J. McGuiness, M. Klanjsek, I. Smiljanic, A. Smontara, E.S. Zijlstra, S.K. Bose,I.R. Fisher, M.J. Kramer, and P.C. Canfield Condensed Matter Physics
124. A dynamic model for assessing universal Hepatitis A vaccination in Canada 2007 C.T. Bauch, A.S.R.S Rao, B. Pham, M Krahn, V. Gilca, B. Duval, M.H. Chen, A Tricco Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
125. Cost-utility of universal hepatitis A vaccination in Canada 2007 C.T. Bauch, A.M. Anonychuk, B.Z. Pham, V. Gilca, B. Duval, M.D. Krahn Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
126. Synthesis, Structure, and Unexpected Magnetic Properties of La3Re2O10 2007 H. L. Cuthbert, J. E. Greedan,* I. Vargas-Baca, S. Derakhshan, I. P.Swainson Inorganic Chemistry
127. Molecular-level computer simulation of a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle 2007 S. Figueroa-Gerstenmaier, M. Francova, M. Kowalski, M. Lisal, I. Nezbeda, W.R. Smith Materials Simulations
128. Database-driven grid computing and distributed web applications: a comparison 2007 H. De Sterck, Alex Papo, Chen Zhang, Micah Hamady, and Rob Knight Scientific Computing
129. Database-driven grid computing with GridBASE 2007 H. De Sterck, C. Zhang, and A. Papo Scientific Computing
130. Vortex models for feedback stabilization of wake flows 2007 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics
131. On an Attempt to Simplify the Quartapelle-Napolitano Approach to Computation of Hydrodynamic Forces in Open Flows 2007 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics
132. Center Manifold Analysis of a Point-Vortex Model of Vortex Shedding with Control 2007 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics
133. Hadamard ideals and Hadamard matrices from two circulant submatrices 2007 Kotsireas, Ilias S.; Koukouvinos, Christos Computer Algebra
134. Orthogonal designs of order 32 and 64 via computational algebra 2007 Kotsireas, Ilias S.; Koukouvinos, Christos Computer Algebra
135. Generation of [La(peptide)]3+ Complexes in the Gas Phase: Determination of the Number of Binding Sites Provided by Dipeptide, Tripeptide, and Tetrapeptide Ligands 2007 Tujin Shi, K. W. Michael Siu, and Alan C. Hopkinson Computational Chemistry
136. Coordination of Triply Charged Lanthanum in the Gas Phase: Theory and Experiment 2007 Tujin Shi, Alan C. Hopkinson, K. W. Michael Siu Computational Chemistry
137. Ab initio Evaluation of Coulomb and Exchange Parameters for DFT+U Calculations 2007 N.J. Mosey, E.A. Carter Computational Chemistry
138. A Study of the Adsorption of Toluene in Zeolite LiNa-Y by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy 2007 J. Zhu, N.J. Mosey, T.K. Woo, Y. Huang Computational Chemistry
139. Atomistic Modeling of Friction 2007 N.J. Mosey, M.H. Muser Computational Chemistry
140. Aspirin Revealed: A Strategy for Detecting Acetylsalicylic Acid by MALDI Mass Spectrometry 2007 D. Lacey, X.K. Hu, A.V. Loboda, N.J. Mosey, R.H. Lipson Computational Chemistry