Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2006

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
101. Evaluation of age-related plantar-surface insensitivity and onset age of advanced insensitivity in older adults using vibratory and touch sensation tests 2006 Perry SD Artificial intelligence
102. Three-dimensional MHD simulations of magnetized molecular cloud fragmentation with turbulence and ion-neutral friction 2006 T. Kudoh, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
103. Theoretical and computational investigations on thermodynamic properties, effective site diameters, and molecular free volume of carbon disulfide fluid 2006 Afshin Eskandari Nasrabad, Rozita Laghaei Computational Chemistry
104. Computational studies on thermodynamic properties, effective diameters, and free volume of argon using an ab initio potential 2006 Afshin Eskandari Nasrabad, Rozita Laghaei Computational Chemistry
105. Excluded volume in the generic van der Waals equation of state and the self-diffusion coefficient of the Lennard-Jones fluid 2006 Rozita Laghaei, Afshin Eskandari Nasrabad, Byung Chan Eu Computational Chemistry
106. Molecular theory of thermal conductivity of the Lennard-Jones fluid 2006 Afshin Eskandari Nasrabad, Rozita Laghaei, Byung Chan Eu Computational Chemistry
107. A Residual Estimator as the Adaptive Mesh Driver for Incompressible Flows 2006 A. R. Baserinia and G. D. Stubley Computational Fluid Dynamics
108. Phase transitions of semiflexible hard-sphere chain liquids 2006 H.B. Movahed, R.C. Hidalgo and D.E. Sullivan Condensed Matter Physics
109. Remote Substituent Effects in Ruthenium-Catalyzed [2+2} Cycloaddtions: An Experimental and Theoretical Study. 2006 P. Liu, R. W. Jordan, S. P. Kibbee, J. D. Goddard, W. Tam. Computational Chemistry
110. Feshbach Resonance Management of Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices 2006 Mason A. Porter, Marina Chugunova, Dmitry Pelinovsky Mathematics
111. A protein dynamics study of Photosystem II; the effects of protein conformation on reaction center function. 2006 Vasil'ev, S. and Bruce, D. Biophysics
112. The Effect of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars on Star Cluster Dynamics 2006 Robert Wiersma, Alison Sills, Simon Portegies Zwart Astrophysics
113. General continuum boundary conditions for miscible binary fluids from molecular dynamics simulations 2006 C. Denniston and M.O. Robbins Condensed Matter Physics
114. Simulations of collision times in gravity driven granular flow 2006 J. J. Drozd and C. Denniston Condensed Matter Physics
115. On the orientation of lamellar block copolymer phases under shear 2006 B. Fraser, C. Denniston, M. Müser Condensed Matter Physics
116. A scalable parallel implementation of a k-space method for large-scale ultrasound imaging simulations 2006 M.I. Daoud, Y.-T. Shen, J.C. Lacefield Medical Physics
117. On the performance pf parallel implementations of an ADI scheme for parabolic PDEs on shared and distributed memory systems 2006 B. Ge High Performance Computing
118. Modeling Wind Flow and Turbulence in Oklahoma City 2006 F.S. Lien, E. Yee, H. Ji Fluid Mechanics
119. Simulation of Aeroacoustic Resonance in a Deep Cavity with Grazing Flow 2006 H. Ahn Fluid Mechanics
120. Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Combined With Multigrid for a Poisson Equation 2006 H. Ji, F.S. Lien, E. Yee Fluid Mechanics