Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2004

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
101. Static properties of a stacking chain 2004 Y.-J. Sheng, H.J. Lin, J.Z.Y. Chen, H.K. Tsao Soft Matter Physics
102. Chain persistency in single stranded DNA 2004 A. Sain, B.-Y. Ha, H.-K. Tsao, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
103. Evidence for a reorientation transition in the phase behaviour of a two-dimensional dipolar antiferromagnet 2004 A.M. Abu-Labdeh, J.P. Whitehead, K. DeĀ’Bell ,A.B. MacIsaac Condensed Matter Physics
104. Effects of a weak magnetic surface anisotropy on the magnetic phase diagram of the dipolar antiferromagnetic Heisenberg system 2004 Abu-Labdeh AM, Whitehead JP, De Condensed Matter Physics
105. Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Ta Deposition on Ta [100] surface 2004 G.S. Kim, J.S. Tse, D.D. Klug, P. Wu Condensed Matter Physics
106. High-pressure Raman study of the potassium-doped silicon clathrate K8Si46 2004 T. Kume, T. Koda, S. Sasaki, H. Shimizu, J.S. Tse Condensed Matter Physics
107. Computational High Pressure Science 2004 J.S. Tse Condensed Matter Physics
108. Theoretical Investigation of the electronic structure of Na 1+x CoO2 2004 X. Gao, J.S. Tse, D.D. Klug Condensed Matter Physics
109. Effect of external stress on the patterning of nanostructures: a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of Ta deposited on anistropically compressed Ta(1 0 0) surfaces 2004 G. Kim, J.S. Tse, D.D. Klug Condensed Matter Physics
110. Rational design of high efficiency thermoelectric materials with low band gap conductive polymers 2004 X. Gao, D.D. Klug, J. S. Tse Condensed Matter Physics
111. Time-Use and College Outcomes 2004 T. Stinebrickner, R. Stinebrickner Applied Econometrics
112. Self-assembly of the ionic peptide EAK16: The effect of charge distributions on self-assembly 2004 Jun S, Hong Y, Imamura H, Ha BY, Bechhoefer J, Chen P Computational Biology
113. Prediction and control of subgrain size in the hot extrusion of aluminum alloys 2004 8. X. Duan, X. Velay, T. Sheppard Materials Simulations
114. A Novel Approach for the Prediction of Shear Localisation in Sheet Forming 2004 7. X. Duan, M. Jain, D. Metzger, J. Kang, D. Wilkinson, J. D. Embury, S. Kim, R. Mishra, A. K. Sachdev Materials Simulations
115. Influence of yield criteria on the prediction of shear localisation considering the inhomogeneous distribution of microstructure 2004 X. Duan, D. Metzger and M. Jain Materials Simulations
116. Sequence of deformation of automotive sheet alloys 2004 X. Duan, Y. Ososkov, M. Jain, D. Metzger and D. S. Wilkinson Materials Simulations
117. The influence of particle distribution and volume fraction on the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys 2004 X. Duan, D. Metzger, M. Jain,D. Wilkinson Materials Simulations
118. Applications of CRACK in the Classification of Integrable Systems 2004 T Wolf Applied Mathematics
119. Numerical Model for Distortion Dynamics of Water Droplets in Electric Field 2004 K. Adamiak, J.M. Floryan Computational Electromagnetics
120. Reduced-Order Optimal Feedback Control of Transition in Bluff Body Wake Flows 2004 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics