Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2010

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
81. Shear Stress Variation Induced by Red Blood Cell Motion in Microvessel 2010 W. Xiong and J. Zhang Biomedical Modeling And Simulation
82. A mixed-culture model of a probiotic biofilm control system 2010 HJ Eberl, H Khassehkhan, L Demaret Biomathematics
83. OpenMP Parallelization of a Mickens Time-Integration Scheme for a Mixed-Culture Biofilm Model and its Performance on Multi-core and Multi-processor Computers 2010 N Muhammas, HJ Eberl Biomathematics
84. A mathematical model of quorum sensing in patchy biofilm communities with slow background flow 2010 MR Frederick, C Kuttler, BA Hense, J Muller, HJ Eberl Biomathematics
85. Mechanistic and Computational Study of Phosphorothioate Triesters in Methanol Suggests Involvement of a Phosphorane Intermediate 2010 C.T. Liu, C.I. Maxwell, A.A. Neverov, N.J. Mosey, R.S. Brown Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
86. Spirooxazine to Merooxazine Interconversion in the Presence and Absence of Zinc. Approach to a Bistable Photochemical Switch 2010 Z. Tian, R.A. Stairs, N.J. Mosey, J.M. Dust, T.M. Kraft, E. Buncel Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
87. Slip Mechanisms of Hydroxylated Al2O3 (0001)/(0001) Interfaces: A First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Study 2010 C.J. Carkner, N.J. Mosey Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
88. Competition between Orbitals and Stress in Mechanochemistry 2010 G.S. Kochhar, A. Bailey, N.J. Mosey Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
89. Effect of Adhesive Interactions on Static Friction at the Atomic Scale 2010 C.J. Carkner, S.M. Haw, N.J. Mosey Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
90. Premixed flames stabilized in narrow channels: Effect of chemical heat release on interfacial flame/wall energy transfer. 2010 G.M.G. Watson and J.M. Bergthorson
91. Detecting Hidden Periodicities by Regularized Least Squares 2010 Chen B. and Gel, Y. Time Series Analysis, Spatio Temporal Modeling, Nonparametrics
92. Combination of Levene-type tests and a finite-intersection method for testing equality of variances against ordered alternatives 2010 Noguchi K. and Gel, Y. Time Series Analysis, Spatio Temporal Modeling, Nonparametrics
93. Test of fit for a Laplace distribution against heavier tailed alternatives 2010 Gel, Y.R. Time Series Analysis, Spatio Temporal Modeling, Nonparametrics
94. Eta3-Vinylborane Complexes of Platinum and Nickel: Borataallyl- and Alkyl/Borataalkene-Like Coordination Modes 2010 K. B. Kolpin, D. J. H. Emslie Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
95. Ab initio simulations of peptide-mineral interactions 2010 S. Hug, G.K. Hunter, H.A. Goldberg and M. Karttunen Biomineralization
96. The flexible polyelectrolyte hypothesis of protein-biomineral interaction 2010 G.K. Hunter, J. O’Young, B. Grohe, M. Karttunen and H.A. Goldberg Biomineralization
97. 3-D numerical analysis of EHD turbulent flow and mono-disperse charged particle transport and collection in a wire-plate ESP 2010 N. Farnoosh, K. Adamiak and G.S.P. Castle Computational Electromagnetics
98. Phosphorylation of Ser136 is critical for potent bone sialoprotein-mediated nucleation of hydroxyapatite crystals 2010 G.S. Baht, J. O’Young, A. Borovina, H. Chen, C.E. Tye, M. Karttunen, G. Lajoie, G.K. Hunter and H.A. Goldberg Biomineralization
99. Role of electrostatics and conformation in protein-crystal interactions 2010 P.V. Azzopardi, J. O'Young, G. Lajoie, M. Karttunen, H.A. Goldberg and G.K. Hunter. Biomineralization
100. Characterization of short monomeric polyglutamine peptides by replica exchange molecular dynamics simulation 2010 M. Nakano, H. Watanabe, S.M. Rothstein, and S. Tanaka Computational And Theoretical Chemistry