Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2006

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
21. Patterns of sequence loss and cytosine methylation within a population of newly resynthesized Brassica napus allopolyploids. 2006 L, Lukens, J. C., Pires, E., Leon, R., Vogelzang, L., Oslach, T., Osborn Computational Biology
22. Velocity-Pressure Coupling in Finite Difference Formulations of the Navier-Stokes Equations 2006 B Zogheib Computational Fluid Dynamics
23. Parallel Shuffled Complex Evolution Algorithm for Calibration of Hydrological Models 2006 V Sharma, D Swayne, D Lam, W Schertzer Environmental Modelling and Analysis
24. Negative differential resistance from a van Hove singularity in tunnel diodes 2006 P. Moffatt and E.H. Kim Condensed Matter Physics
25. Packet Traffic Dynamics Near Onset of Congestion in Data Communication Network Model 2006 A.T. Lawniczak and X. Tang Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
26. Network traffic behaviour near phase transition point 2006 A.T. Lawniczak and X. Tang Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
27. Packet Switching Network Performance Indicators as Function of Network Topology and Routing Algorithms 2006 A.T. Lawniczak and X. Tang Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
28. Catalytic Intermolecular Direct Arylation of Perfluorobenzenes 2006 M. Lafrance, C.N. Rowley, T.K. Woo, K. Fagnou Computational Chemistry
29. Adsorption of NO on CeO2 Surfaces: A DFT Study 2006 Z. Yang, T.K. Woo, K. Hermansson Computational Chemistry
30. Systematic Method to New Phases of Polymeric Nitrogen Under High-pressure 2006 F. Zahariev, S.V. Dudiy, J. Hooper, F. Zhang, T.K. Woo Computational Chemistry
31. Effects Zr Doping on Stoichiometric and Reduced Ceria: A First Principles Study 2006 Z. Yang, T.K. Woo, K. Hermansson Computational Chemistry
32. Protonolysis of the Hg-C bond of chloromethylmercury and dimethylmercury. A DFT and QTAIM study. 2006 B. Ni, J. R. Kramer, R. A. Bell, and N. H. Werstiuk Computational Chemistry
33. Displacement of Cu(II) by Ag(I) in solvated metal sulfides. A DFT and AIM computational study. 2006 J. R. Kramer, N. H. Werstiuk, and B. Ni Computational Chemistry
34. A QTAIM and electron delocaization computational study of tert-butylmethylene, trimethylsilylmethylene and trimethylgermylmethylene. A new method for unambiguously characterizing the bonding between pairs of atoms in reaction intermediates. 2006 D. A. Poulsen and N. H. Werstiuk Computational Chemistry
35. Ionization potentials of nitriles – Photoelectron spectra of succinonitrile and gluaronitrile. 2006 H. M. Muchall and N. H. Werstiuk Computational Chemistry
36. Flow mode-transition of natural convection ininclined rectangular enclosures subjected to bidirectional temperature gradients 2006 H. Wang and M.S. Hamed Computational Fluid Dynamics
37. Structural Determinants of Elastin Self-assembly and Mechanical Properties 2006 S. Rauscher, S. Baud, M. Miao, F.W. Keeley, and R. Pomès Bioinformatics
38. Effects of Pairing Potential Scattering on Fourier-Transformed Inelastic Tunneling Spectra of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors with Bosonic Modes 2006 Jian-Xin Zhu, K. McElroy, J. Lee, T. P. Devereaux, Qimiao Si, J. C. Davis, and A. V. Balatsky Condensed Matter Physics
39. Parallel Simulation of Atmospheric Gas Dispersion 2006 S. Beauchemin, Q. Brandon, M. Kotb, H.Hamshari, M. Distributed Systems
40. A Co-allocation Strategy for Jobs in Multiple HPC Clusters 2006 J. Qin, M. Bauer Distributed Systems