Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2003

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
21. Credit Barrier Models 2003 C.Albanese, G. Campolieti, O. Chen, A. Zavidonov Mathematics
22. Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Wave Support of a Stratified Molecular Cloud 2003 T. Kudoh, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
23. Key roles of Phe1112 and Ser1115 in the pore-forming IIIS5-S6 linker of L-type Ca2+ channel alpha1C subunit (CaV 1.2) in binding of dihydropyridines and action of Ca2+ channel agonists 2003 Yamaguchi S, Zhorov BS, Yoshioka K, Nagao T, Ichijo H, Adachi-Akahane S. Biophysics
24. Wigner function modelling of quantum well semiconductor lasers using classical electromagnetic field coupling 2003 P. Weetman, M.S. Wartak Condensed Matter Physics
25. Advanced modeling of semiconductor lasers based on quantum Boltzmann equation 2003 M.S. Wartak, P. Weetman Condensed Matter Physics
26. High Performance Computing in Astrophysics: Parallel Gasdynamics and Gasoline 2003 James Wadsley Astrophysics
27. Simulations of unstable gaseous disks and the origin of giant planets 2003 Lucio Mayer, Tom Quinn, James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel Astrophysics
28. Cluster Validity and the Semi-Supervised Classification Problem 2003 Neil Harvey, Deborah A. Stacey Artificial intelligence
29. Neural Networks for Predicting nitrate-nitrogen in drainage water 2003 V. Sharma, S.C. Negi, R.P. Rudra, S.Yang High Performance Computing
30. Highly accurate analysis of the rotationally excited $2^1P(L = 1)$ and $2^3P(L = 1)$ states in helium atoms 2003 Alexei M. Frolov Physics
31. Directed geometrical worm algorithm applied to the quantum rotor model 2003 F. Alet, E. S. Sorensen Condensed Matter Physics
32. Statistical feature correlations and explicit feature relations: Both matter. 2003 K. McRae, C. McNorgan Psycholinguistics
33. “Certain aspects of stability of flows over simple distributed roughness” 2003 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
34. Experimental Investigation of stability of Poiseuille flow in a corrugated channel” 2003 M.Asai and J.M.Floryan, Fluid Mechanics
35. “Generation of Longitudinal Vortices using Surface Corrugations” 2003 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
36. “Control of Turbulent Channel Flow using Distributed Surface Suction” 2003 J.M.Floryan, M.Quadrio and P.Lucini. Fluid Mechanics
37. “Modification of Turbulent Flow using Distributed Suction” 2003 J.M.Floryan, M.Quadrio and P.Lucini. Fluid Mechanics
38. “Simulation of Thermocapillary Effects in Partially Filled Cavities” 2003 M.El-Gammal and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
39. “A Parallel Algorithm for the Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Channel Flow” 2003 M.Quadrio, P.Luchini and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
40. “Existence Limits for Straight and Curved Interfaces Exposed to Temperature Gradients” 2003 M.El-Gammal and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics