Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2009

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
1. An investigation of (C5H5)Fe(C5H4-C(OBF3)-CH3) 2009 F. O. Ogini, P. J. W. Elder, J. F. Britten, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
2. N-Triphenylboryl- and N, N'-bis(triphenylboryl)- benzo-2,1,3-telluradiazole 2009 A. F. Cozzolino, S. Hanhan, A. D. Bain, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
3. Naphthalene-Mediated Electronic Communication in Tetrakis-(imino)pyracene Complexes 2009 K. V. Vasudevan, I. Vargas-Baca, A. H. Cowley Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
4. Practical algorithms for the longest common extension problem 2009 L. Ilie and L. Tinta Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
5. A combined 135/137Ba solid-state NMR at an ultrahigh magnetic field and computational study of beta-barium borate 2009 A. Sutrisno, C. Lu, R. H. Lipson, Y. Huang* NMR spectroscopy and porous materials
6. A solid-state NMR study of dehydration of layered alpha-niobium phosphate 2009 J. Zhu, Y. Huang NMR spectroscopy and porous materials
7. Finding compact structural motifs 2009 D. Bu, M. Li, S.C. Li, J. Qian, J. Xu Bioinformatics
8. On two open problems of 2-interval patterns 2009 S.C. Li and M. Li Bioinformatics
9. Protonation Sites and Conformations of Peptides of Glycine (Gly1-5H+) by IRMPD Spectroscopy 2009 R.Wu and T.B. McMahon Gas Phase Ion Streucture And Energetics
10. Structures, Energetics and Dynamics of Gas Phase Ions and Ionic Clusters Studied by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry and High Pressure Mass Spectrometry 2009 R.Wu and T.B. McMahon Gas Phase Ion Streucture And Energetics
11. Investigations of Strong Hydrogen Bonding in (ROH)n•••FHF- (n = 1, 2 and R = H, CH3, C2H5) Clusters via High Pressure Mass Spectrometry and Quantum Calculations 2009 R.J. Nieckarz, N. Oldridge, T.D. Fridgen, G.P. Li, I.P. Hamilton and T.B. McMahon Gas Phase Ion Streucture And Energetics
12. Multi-ethnic genetic association study of carotid intima-media thickness using a targeted cardiovascular SNP microarray. 2009 Lanktree, MB, Hegele, RA, Yusuf S, Anand SS Genetics Of Human Diseases
13. Procrustean rotation in concert with principal component analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories: Quantifying global and local differences between conformational samples. 2009 D.G. Oblinsky, B.M.B. VanSchouwen, H.L. Gordon, S.M. Rothstein
14. Nonparametric Identification of Finite Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete Choices 2009 Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu Econometrics
15. 3D FDTD Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles based on Slab Waveguide 2009 H. Jiang, J. Sabarinathan, T. Manifar, S. Mittler Nanophotonics
16. N-Body Simulations of DGP and Degravitation Theories. 2009 J. Khoury and M. Wyman
17. Analysis of second moment closure modeling for a rectangular surface jet using DNS data 2009 I Z Naqavi, R J Martinuzzi, E Savory Fluid Mechanics
18. Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness of Multiple Best Management Practices in Agricultural Watersheds 2009 Wanhong Yang, Yongbo Liu, Hailiang Sheng, Jing Yang, Predrag Rajsic, Alfons Weersink, Alain Rousseau Integrated Watershed Modelling
19. Adhesion of structure of a tubular membrane confining spherical particles” 2009 8. J. Z.Y. Chen, Y. Liu and H.J. Liang Soft Condensed Matter Theory
20. Comparison of predicted native structure of Met-enkephalin based on various accessible-surface-area solvent models 2009 7. L. Zhan, J.Z.Y. Chen, and W.-L. Liu Soft Condensed Matter Theory