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1. Exchange and polarization effect in high harmonic imaging of molecular structures 2010 S. Sukiasyan, S. Patchkovskii, T. Brabec, O. Smirnova, and M. Yu. Ivanov Ultra Fast Photonics
2. Steplike intensity threshold behavior of extreme ionization in laser-driven Xe clusters 2010 T. Doeppner, J.P. Mueller, A. Przystawik, J. Tiggesbaeumker, K.-H. Meiwes--Broer, C. Varin, L. Ramunno, T. Brabec, and T. Fennel Ultra Fast Photonics
3. Spin-blockade effect and coherent control of DNA-damage by free radicals: a proposal on bio-spintronics 2010 R. Abolfath and T. Brabec Ultra Fast Photonics
4. Performance engineering of semiconductor spin qubits 2010 R. Abolfath and T. Brabec Ultra Fast Photonics
5. Plasmon dynamics in strongly driven finite few electron quantum systems: the role of the surface 2010 Carlos Destefani, Chris McDonald, Suren Sukiasyan, and T. Brabec Ultra Fast Photonics
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