Neutrinos by the Numbers: Sudbury's SNOLAB

Literary History with a Difference:The Orlando Project

A Forecaster's Guide to Weather in Space

Nature by Numbers: Simulated Ecosystems Provide Answers to Biological Questions

Some of the greatest ongoing problems in particle physics may be solved by taking a closer look at theta_13

Orlando is a unique "textbase" containing articles on the history, literature, and culture relevant on women wrtiters in Britain

Researchers use computational models to better understand solar disturbances of Earth's magnetic environment

This simulation is the first to model the fact that individual behavious can affect the evolutionary course of the entire species

Compute Canada has put out a call to name the four new national computing systems. This is our chance to put our stamp on those names, especially the two systems which will be hosted within Ontario.

This five-day summer school includes lectures and labs on programming distributed and multicore systems and on various topics pertaining to scientific computing.

Find recordings of all our recent webinars and more. Now exceding 50 videos, 30K views and 275 followers.

Version control your work and collaborate using GitLab at SHARCNET. All the public and private repositories that you will need!