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Event Registration

This interface is for the purpose of event registration ONLY; to view all scheduled events and seminars, please refer to the SHARCNET Events Calendar

Please choose the event/seminar for which you wish to register from the list below:

Date Event
2017-Jul-04 (Tue) 2017 Summer Research Computing Workshops at Western
2017-Jul-05 (Wed) Webinar "Train models to recognize hand-written digits using Tensorflow" - 12:00pm
2017-Jul-10 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-Jul-17 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-Jul-24 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-Jul-31 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-Jul-31 (Mon) HPC Summer School 2017 - East (Queen's University)
2017-Aug-14 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-Aug-21 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-Aug-28 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm

Previous Events
2017-Jun-26 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-Jun-25 (Sun) HPC Summer School 2017 - Central (University of Toronto)
2017-Jun-21 (Wed) Webinar "What's new and exciting about Graham's GPUs" - 12:00pm
2017-Jun-19 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-Jun-12 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-Jun-12 (Mon) Hand-on Workshop with ADF Modeling Suite for Chemistry & Materials Science
2017-Jun-07 (Wed) Webinar "An Introduction to Java Threads" - 12:00pm
2017-Jun-05 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-May-29 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-May-29 (Mon) HPC Summer School 2017 - West (University of Waterloo)
2017-May-24 (Wed) Webinar "How to compile/run OpenFOAM in SHARCNET" - 12:00pm
2017-May-15 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am
2017-May-10 (Wed) Webinar "OpenMP 4.x: New features and Protocols" - 12:00pm
2017-May-08 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 2pm
2017-May-01 (Mon) New User Seminar (online) - 11am