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Manufacturer Dell
Operating System CentOS 6.3
Interconnect Gigabit Ethernet
Total processors/cores 0
Total attached storage 0 Bytes
Suitable use

This is a contributed subsystem, integrated into goblin. It has larger memory than the rest of the goblin nodes and was designed to meet the special demand for computational tasks in mathematics and informatics. See goblin nodes 50-54 for details.


See goblin nodes 50-54 for details.

Software available

Recent System Notices

Status Status Notes
Feb 18 2020, 01:29PM
(5 months ago)

Should have been decommissioned with goblin, doing so now.

Oct 16 2019, 11:48AM
(9 months ago)

Goblin, dusky and copper are currently down after a brief unscheduled power outage. We are working on recovering them.

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