File Server

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Manufacturer Intel
Operating System CentOS 6.4
Interconnect 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Total processors/cores 32
dtn: 1
32 cores
2 sockets x 16 cores per socket
Intel Xeon @ 2.4 GHz
Type: Login
Memory: 16.0 GB
Local storage: 64 GB
Total attached storage 0 Bytes
Suitable use

The SHARCNET data transfer node ( is designed for high throughput access to Sharcnet filesystems without having to use a cluster's login node. Currently, the dtn has direct access to the following sharcnet filesystems:

/scratch/iqaluk/username (also used as wobbie:/scratch)

Unlike on login nodes, file transfer processes on dtn are not limited in their CPU usage, so large transfers are possible. To encourage higher throughput beyond normal scp/sftp, the following file transfer tools are available:

HPN-SSH: PSC's modified ssh server and client that will transfer files up to 1Gb/s. You must be running hpn-ssh on the cliet side to make use of its extended features.

Gridftp: If you have a GridCanada certificate from Westgrid, then can be used directly by as a file target, or by setting up an endpoint in your Globus online account.

BBCP client: high throughput transfer tool from Stanford.

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