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Manufacturer generic
Operating System CentOS 4.4
Interconnect Gigabit Ethernet
Total processors/cores 2
cat: 1
2 cores
2 sockets x 1 core per socket
Intel Xeon @ 2.4 GHz
Type: Login
Notes: This node is reserved for compiling 32-bit applications.
Memory: 2.0 GB
Local storage: 0 Bytes
Total attached storage 0 Bytes
Suitable use

General, emphasizing serial.

Software available


Recent System Notices

Status Status Notes
Feb 05 2019, 12:05PM
(10 months ago)

One of the legacy global filesystems will be migrated to new hardware on Wednesday February 20th. To complete this we must unmount the filesystem from all clusters and prevent jobs from running during the outage.

All legacy clusters will be configured to avoid running any jobs after 3pm on February 19.

We expect all legacy clusters to return to service the following day at 10am.

This outage does not affect Graham or Orca.

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