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Manufacturer generic
Operating System CentOS 4.4
Interconnect Gigabit Ethernet
Total processors/cores 2
cat: 1
2 cores
2 sockets x 1 core per socket
Intel Xeon @ 2.4 GHz
Type: Login
Notes: This node is reserved for compiling 32-bit applications.
Memory: 2.0 GB
Local storage: 0 Bytes
Total attached storage 0 Bytes
Suitable use

General, emphasizing serial.

Software available


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Recent System Notices

Status Status Notes
Jul 03 2018, 10:57AM
(14 days ago)

A planned building power outage requires shutting down Wobbie, Iqaluk and Cat tonight. Queued jobs will remain queued, but running jobs will be killed.

Systems will be available again in the morning.

Mar 18 2018, 06:57PM
(4 months ago)

There was an unplanned, campus-wide power outage last night. Cat, Iqaluk and Wobbie are back online, though there is still an outage planned for the 24th.

Feb 01 2018, 04:28PM
(6 months ago)

Cat is back in normal service after the Sharcnet-wide filesystem outage.

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