SIESTA (Application)


SIESTA performs self-consistent DFT employing order-N techniques developed for tight-binding, founded on using Numerical Atomic Orbitals (NAOs) as a basis set.

Availability Table

System Versions
wobbie 3.2
vdi-centos6 3.2
iqaluk 3.2

Change Log

o Nov 18, 2015: Installed siesta/3.2 on copper and mosaic.
o Jul 29, 2014: Remove siesta/3.1 from brown, goblin, guppy, hound, iqaluk, kraken, mako, orca, redfin and saw.
o Jul 07, 2014: Install siesta/3.2 (pl4) on angel, brown, goblin, hound, iqaluk, kraken, monk, orca, redfin, saw and wobbie.
o Nov 05, 2013: Installed siesta/3.1 on iqaluk.
o Mar 13, 2013: Removed 3.0 from brown, gulper, guppy, kraken, mako.
o Apr 27, 2011: Installed Siesta 3.0.0 on sharcnet clusters.
o Feb 13, 2011: Removed 3.0.0 from tope and installed 3.1.1 on clusters.