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GIT (Utility)

Due to scheduled power outages at multiple SHARCNET institutions, several clusters (angel, copper, guppy, mako, mosaic, orca, redfin and saw) as well as global /work will be unavailable starting 4 pm. Friday April 29 and will return to service no later than 1 pm. Monday May 2.
We will use this outage to perform some much needed maintenance on a number of critical systems.

Other clusters will remain up but any jobs that require access to /work will crash. Users should only submit jobs requiring access to /home and /scratch


Git is distributed version control system focused on speed, effectivity and real-world usability on large projects. Its highlights include: Distributed development, Strong support for non-linear development, Efficient handling of large projects, Cryptographic authentication of history and Toolkit design.

Availability Table

Version Default Module Systems True requin True guppy, mako True angel, brown, goblin, iqaluk, kraken, orca, redfin, saw


Mailing List

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Change Log

Nov 6, 2013: Updated git to 1.8.4 on centos6 clusters and on centos5 clusters.
Feb 13, 2012: Updated git from 1.7.3 to 1.7.9 on sharcnet clusters, added emacs-git.
July 8, 2011: Installed git 1.7.3 on sharcnet clusters.