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MKL (Library)


MKL is the companion math library for the intel compiler present within the default sharcnet environment on all sharcnet clusters.

Availability Table

System Versions
wobbie 10.3.9 (intel 12.1.3), 11.1.4 (intel 14.0.4)
vdi-centos6 10.3.9 (intel 12.1.3), 11.1.4 (intel 14.0.4)
iqaluk 10.3.9 (intel 12.1.3), 11.1.4 (intel 14.0.4)


o April 28, 2015: Please note this software page is no longer maintained and will eventually be removed since mkl is now included with intel/15 and greater versions.

Change Log

o Dec 04, 2015 : Removed mkl/11.1 dependency of intel/14.0.0 on goblin.
o Oct 09, 2013 : Installed mkl/11.1 on goblin for temporary testing with intel/14.0.0