BIOPERL (Bioinformatics)


BioPerl is a toolkit of perl modules useful in building bioinformatics solutions in Perl. It is built in an object-oriented manner so that many modules depend on each other to achieve a task. The collection of modules in the bioperl-live repository consist of the core of the functionality of bioperl. Additionally auxiliary modules for creating graphical interfaces (bioperl-gui), persistent storage in RDMBS (bioperl-db), running and parsing the results from hundreds of bioinformatics applications (Run package), software to automate bioinformatic analyses (bioperl-pipeline) are all available as Subversion modules in our repository.

Availability Table

System Versions
iqaluk 1.6.923, 1.6.924
copper 1.6.923, 1.6.924
wobbie 1.6.923, 1.6.924
vdi-centos6 1.6.923, 1.6.924
graham 1.7.1

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Change Log

o May 10, 2016: Installed bioperl/1.6.293 and bioperl/1.6.924 on copper.
o Oct 29, 2015: Installed bioperl/1.6.924 on angel, brown, goblin, iqaluk, kraken, mako, monk, mosaic, orca, redfin, saw, tembo, vdi-centos6, windeee, wobbie. (hound pending)
o Oct 28, 2014: Removed bioperl/1.6.1 from angel, brown, goblin, hound, iqaluk, kraken, monk, orca, redfin, saw and wobbie.
o Apr 3, 2014: Installed bioperl/1.6.293 on angel, brown, goblin, hound, iqaluk, kraken, monk, orca, redfin, saw and wobbie.
o Jan 3, 2013: Rebuilt then completely reinstalled bioperl/1.6.1 on monk, angel, goblin, hound, iqaluk, orca, redfin and saw to support rhel6 shared libraries on recently reinstalled systems.
o Feb 28, 2012: Reinstalled bioperl/1.6.1 as an optionally loadable sharcnet module.