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VMD (Visualization)


VMD is a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.

Availability Table

Version Default Module Systems
1.9.1 (2012-02-04) True vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo
1.9.2 (2014-12-29) True vdi-centos6, viz11-uwo


Mailing List

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Latest Email Sent to the [SHARCNET VMD]
Mailing List: Tue Nov 4 16:43:04 EST 2014

Please note that on Nov11/2014 the vmd/1.8.7 sharcnet module
will be removed from all clusters and workstations.  Also
the vmd/1.9.1 module will be removed from all clusters and
workstations where it is currently installed and relocated
to, and visualization machines.  If there are
any concerns with this change please submit a ticket to asap thanks.

Change Log

o Mar 24, 2015: Removed vmd/1.9.2 and installed vmd/tachyon/1.9.2 and vmd/notachyon/1.9.2 on vdi-centos6 and viz11-uwo. Gpu support only on vdi-centos6.
o Mar 6, 2015: Installed vmd/1.9.2 LINUX_64 OpenGL, CUDA, TachyonL-OptiX on vdi-centos6. o Nov 26, 2014: Removed vmd/1.8.7 and vmd/1.9.1 modules from sharcnet clusters.
o Nov 4, 2014: Installed vmd/1.9.1 onto vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo and viz11-uwo.
o Jun 13, 2011: Upgraded 1.8.7a63 alpha version to full 1.8.7 release on requin, rainbow and saw. The default 1.8.6 version can be overriden by doing “module load vmd/1.8.7” upon login.
o Jan 15, 2013: Removed legacy version 1.8.6 from all systems and added 1.9.1