MPIBLAST (Bioinformatics)


mpiBLAST is a freely available, open-source, parallel implementation of NCBI BLAST. By efficiently utilizing distributed computational resources through database fragmentation, query segmentation, intelligent scheduling, and parallel I/O, mpiBLAST improves NCBI BLAST performance by several orders of magnitude while scaling to hundreds of processors.

Availability Table

System Versions
goblin 1.6.0

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Change Log

o Feb 24 2015: Removed disfunctional mpiblast/1.6.0 from goblin, hound and kraken.
o Aug 15 2014: Reinstalled mpiblast/1.6.0 on brown, goblin, guppy, hound, kraken, redfin and saw. Installed mpiblast/1.6.0 on orca. This update uses default openmpi/intel/1.6.2 module.
o Jan 11 2014: Re-removed 1.6.0 from orca due to magnycours openpmi issue.
o Jun 28 2013: Removed 1.6.0 from orca due to magnycours openpmi issue.
o Feb 21 2013: Removed 1.6.0 from requin due to expirey of pathscale 3.2.99 license.
o June 4 2012: Removed 1.5.0 and installed 1.6.0 on requin.
o May 31 2012: Installed version 1.6.0 on infiniband clusters and goblin.