MATLAB (Application)


Please note that SHARCNET DOES NOT have standalone MATLAB client licenses – but a server side PCT license. Users must have their own client license in order to run sequential/traditional MATLAB codes directly on SHARCNET systems.

For users at University of Waterloo(UW), Western University(UWO) and McMaster University, special provisions have been made for access to campus license resources for SHARCNET machines located at those respective sites. Please refer to the reference in the Documentation section below. Your Sharcnet userID should match with your institutional userID in order to run the campus licenses.

Availability Table

System Versions
graham R2017a

Change Log

o May 19, 2016: Installed matlab//R2016a.mcr on brown, mosaic, orca, redfin, saw, vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, wobbie.
o Mar 18, 2015: Copied R2012a (matlab-pct) /opt/sharcnet/matlab/R2012a from hound onto mosaic. Copied R2014a (matlab-pct) /opt/sharcnet/matlab/R2012b from hound to mosaic. Created link for R2014a (matlab-pct) here /opt/sharcnet/modules/matlab/R2014a. Installed R2012b.mcr, R2012b.mcr and R2012b.mcr modules from sharcnet rpms. Copied R2012b (group: uw_users) /opt/sharcnet/local/matlab/R2012b from hound to mosaic. Copied R2014a (group: uw_users) /opt/sharcnet/local/matlab/R2014a from hound to mosaic.
o Dec 6, 2014: Installed MATLAB R2014a on goblin in /opt/sharcnet/local for Western users covered by campus wide Total Academic Headcount (TAH) licence.
o Nov 10, 2014: Removed matlab/R2012b.mcr, matlab/R2013b.mcr, matlab/R2014a.mcr from viz6,8-uwo, viz1,2,3-uwaterloo then re-installed on vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo and viz11-uwo. Removed removed R2012b (group: uw_users) and R2014a (group: uw_users) entries from Availability Table for viz3-uwaterloo.sharcnet since not installed.
o May 20, 2014: Installed matlab/R2012b.mcr, matlab/R2013b.mcr, matlab/R2014a.mcr on brown, hound, redfin, viz1-uwaterloo, viz2-uwaterloo, viz3-uwaterloo, viz6-uwo and viz8-uwo.
o Oct 18, 2012: Installed UW site licensed MATLAB R2012b on orca.
o Oct 16, 2012: Installed MATLAB PCT R2012a on orca.