DDT (Debugging)


DDT is a powerful GUI-based parallel debugger, which can be used to debug serial, MPI, threaded (OpenMP) and GPU (CUDA) codes.

Availability Table

System Versions
graham 7.1, 18.3

Change Log

o Aug 1, 2017: ddt/6.0.2 moved from orca and monk to Graham
o Mar 22, 2016: Installed ddt/6.0.2 on monk and orca.
o Mar 9, 2014: Installed ddt/5.0 on monk and orca.
o Nov 5, 2014: Installed ddt/4.2.1 on monk and orca.
o Apr 15, 2014: Installed ddt/4.2 on monk and orca.
o Sep 24, 2013: Installed ddt/4.1 on monk and orca.
o May 1, 2013: Removed ddt/3.1 and ddt/3.2 from orca. Installed ddt/4.0 on monk and orca.
o Nov 15, 2012: Installed version 3.2.1 on orca and monk. Removed 3.2 from monk.
o Oct 19, 2012: Installed version 3.2 on orca.
o Sep 14, 2012: Updated monk from version 3.1 to 3.2
o May 8, 2012: Installed version 3.1 on monk. Removed all versions from angel.
o Dec 5, 2011: Installed version 3.1 on orca.
o April 8, 2011: Version 2.6.1 installed on orca (with up to 512 cpus license for MPI codes), and angel (GPU/CUDA support).
o April 7, 2011: Updated non-module version of ddt from version 2.4.1 to 2.5.1 on requin and narwhal. Installed new module version of ddt 2.5.1 on kraken. Installed bug fix version of ddt 2.6.1 on orca. The new 2.6.1 installation of ddt on angel (with gpu support) is still pending.