ANSYS (Application)


ANSYS Fluid Dynamics software can be used to simulate a wide range of 2d or 3d fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, turbulent, reacting, and multiphase flow problems. The software can be run interactively sharcnets visualization workstations or as batch jobs via the queue on designated sharcnet clusters.


Commencing January 1, 2009, there is no cost to use ANSYS on SHARCNET clusters or SHARCNET visualization workstations. The SHARCNET policy regarding commercial software can be found here.

The ANSYS modules on legacy Sharcnet systems require new users join the legacy “ansys” group before the software can be accessed and used. To join the group submit a ticket here. Please note that it is NOT necessary to join the group to use the ansys modules on modern sharcnet systems such as gra-vdi, graham or new orca.

The SHARCNET license was renewed jan 2018 for another year. It provides a TOTAL of 25 ansys research cfd tasks and 512 ansys hpc research seats for use with icemcfd, fluent, cfx. Meshing is also supported with the sharcnet license using workbench (via the runwb2 command) and spaceclaim (as of version 19). The research cfd license is equivilent to ANSYS Cfd Premium as shown on pages 6 to 10 of this link

SHARCNET does not have a license for any mechanical, electronic or semiconductor products sold by ansys – to use these one can either purchase a license through sharcnet (at cost) in which case you can make use of the 512 free ansys hpc research seats for running large parallel jobs OR you may purchase a license through cmc in which case you must buy your own hpc seats. Open a sharcnet ticket if either of these options are of interest.

The SHARCNET license is provided free for academic research use only therefore any non-publishable. proprietary, private, commercial or contract work is strictly prohibited unless the group either provides a suitable floating license file for the sharcnet license server or permits access to a local license server.

Users are asked to limit license usage to 3 simultaneous jobs and 96 cores total (see the Notice: in the following paragraph). If the license usage exceeds the available seats reductions in either the number of job or cores may be requested. A hard limit of 128 cores per researcher will be imposed Jun 22 2018. A hard limit of 3 jobs was already imposed on June 18 which covers legacy systems and graham collectively per user.

Notice: 96 hpc cores applies to versions >= 17.2 while 48 hpc research cores applies to versions <= 16.2.3 noting that 4 cores are not counted towards the hpc total when determining the total number of cores requested by a job since they are included free with each of the 25 tasks.

Availability Table

Version Default Module Systems
14.0 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui) True vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, windeee
15.0.7 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui, runwb2-gui) True vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, windeee
16.2.3 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui, runwb2-gui) True vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, windeee
17.2 (cfx, fluent) True graham, orca
17.2 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui, runwb2-gui) True vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, windeee
17.2 (fluent, group:roxa88 only) True copper
18.2 (cfx, fluent) True graham, orca
18.2.2 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui, runwb2-gui) True vdi-centos6, vdi-centos7, windeee
19.1 (cfx, fluent) True graham, orca
19.1 (cfx, fluent, cfx-gui, fluent-gui, icemcfd-gui, runwb2-gui) vdi-centos6, vdi-centos7, windeee


Mailing List

To sign up for email notices about pending version updates, removals and other important announcements for this software package, sign in.


o Nov 2, 2018: When running fluent jobs on the old windeee (legacy) sharcnet cluster please keep in mind the machine is a GE cluster without a high performance interconnect. Therefore jobs are best run on single nodes in the threaded queue with up to 16 cores and mpp=47gb. Running jobs on multiple nodes with >16 cores will work but performance can be expected to suffer exponentially and the number of nodes involved increases, such jobs are much better off run on graham or the new orca (non-legacy) sharcnet cluster.

o June 21 2018: Note that ansys/19.1 is installed on sharcnet legacy systems. To use fluent-gui, cfx-gui, runwb2-gui and icemcfd-gui over tigervnc with ansys/19.1 one must connect to since the operating system installed on vdi-centos6 is to old to support the graphics. A license limit of 3 jobs per user is has been setup which include graham. Likewise a 128 hpc core limit per researcher will be enforced in coming days to cover graham.

o May 1 2018: Users are asked to limit license usage to 3 simultaneous jobs and 96 cores total. If the license usage exceeds the available seats reductions in either the number of job or cores may be requested. The limit is enforced on orca but not graham at the current time therefore we ask researchers to manually limit their usage.

o Feb 17 2017: The ansys/17.0 module will be removed Feb17 from all sharcnet systems. Anyone still using it should switch to ansys/17.2 before that date. Also on Feb17 ansys/17.2 will be installed on redfin. If there any concerns please open a ticket.

o Jan 23 2017: Ansys 18.0 is released! Its not installed on sharcnet yet but will be asap. Some benefits of this version follow:

 – Improved CFD workflow, geometry preparation and breakthrough harmonic analysis that accelerate your simulations for
better, more reliable CFD analysis
 – Advances in automated simulation and design workflows for workflows for antennas, high-speed electronics and electric
 – Structural lightweighting, topology optimization and PCB modeling improvements that enable you to design lighter,
stronger, more efficient products
 – A new modeling environment for simulating complete physical systems and interoperability with systems engineering
 – New solutions for developing complex, high-integrity embedded applications for avionics and advanced driver assistance
 – Advanced semiconductor process technology that accelerates development and ensures power integrity across chip, package
and system
 – Improved collaboration tool in ANSYS AIM for upfront simulation and optimization of electromagnetic devices
 – New platform enhancements including an ACT app builder and support for workflow automation APIs and vertical apps

o Jan 9 2017: Ansys/14.0 now belongs to the ansys group. Previously it was accessible only to researchers in the now obsolete fluent group.

o Sept 15 2016: The maximum number of simultaneous ansys jobs (fluent/cfx) each user can run has been increased from 2 to 3. Its recommended each user limit themself to running 2 jobs so that one license can be kept free for pre/post processing on the vdi-centos6 visualization workstation. Users may purchase and add dedicated license tokens if they need guarenteed access. Researchers residing at institutions with sharcnet hardware may look into utilizing site license token which sharcnet ansys can be configured to use – if so interested open a ticket.

o Apr 15, 2016: Ansys 16.2.3 including cfx and fluent is now installed on sharcnet. The ansys cfx/15.0.7 module is fixed on all systems. Please review the Documentation for detailed cluster specific instructions regarding how to sqsub cfx jobs, as these have changed.

Change Log

o Oct 30, 2017: Fluent from ansys/18.2 available on graham for batch jobs.
o Mar 2, 2017: Removed ansys/17.0 from all sharcnet clusters and visualization machines.
o Dec 20, 2016: Installed ansys/17.2 on saw, orca, vdi-centos6, windeee for testing.
o Apr 18, 2016: Installed ansys/17.0 on redfin, orca, saw, kraken, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, vdi-centos6.
o Apr 11, 2016: Installed ansys/16.2.3 on redfin, orca, saw, kraken, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, vdi-centos6.
o Nov 2, 2014: Added ansys/14.0 onto redfin for cfx and fluent.
o Nov 2, 2014: Added ansys/14.0 to,, and then removed it from and .
o Oct 28, 2014: Ansys/14.0 is no longer available on viz2-uwo, viz4-uwo, viz4-uoguelph, viz6-uoguelph or viz3-uwaterloo. Use ansys/15.0.7 on vdi-centos6 for fluent-gui, cfx-gui or icemcfd.
o Oct 2, 2014: Installed new ansys/15.0.7 on hound, kraken, orca, redfin, saw and vdi-centos6. Removed ansys/14.0 modules from smaller memory workstations viz1-wlu, viz2-wlu, viz1-wlu, viz2-wlu, viz1-uwaterloo, viz2-uwaterloo and viz5-uoguelph.
o Nov 1, 2013: Ansys 14.0 cfx removed from saw.
o Feb 4, 2013: Ansys 13.0 removed from all sharcnet systems.
o Jan 24, 2012: Ansys 14.0 is available on viz2-uoguelph and viz6-uoguelph once again.
o Apr 09, 2012: Ansys 12.1.1 has been removed from all sharcnet clusters. A copy of 12.1.1 remains on tope for users with older simulations who may still need fluent-gui or icemcfd-gui.
o Jan 06, 2012: Reinstalled ansys on mako temporarily for cfx benchmark testing
o Dec 07, 2011: Removed 13.0 from mako due to software installation disk space constraints and additionally the mako queues have a 1hour run limit and the cluster is gige only.
o Oct 28, 2011: Removed ansys 12.1.1 from mako. The ansys/13.0 module loads by default.
o Oct 25, 2011: Install ansys 13.0 on tope and sharcnet viz stations. Removed ansys 12.1 from bramble, school noting that 13.0 will replace it soon. Removed ansys 12.1 and 13.0 from guppy to avoid fluent jobs being infinitely suspended by full cluster loading by contributor jobs.
o Sep 28, 2011: Removed ansys 12.1 and installed 13.0 on silky for cfx use only.
o Aug 25, 2011: Installed ansys 13.0 on sharcnet x86_64 based centos clusters.
o Jun 2, 2011: Installed 12.1.1 on all remaining sharcnet visualization workstations.
o May 20, 2011: Installed 12.1.1 on viz1/ workstations for testing.
o Mar 18, 2011: Removed from kraken, requin. Installed on angel, guppy, mako, orca.