GDB (Debugging)


GDB for debugging C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal and many more languages.

Availability Table

System Versions
iqaluk 8.1, 8.0.1
copper 8.1, 8.0.1
dusky 8.1, 8.0.1
wobbie 8.1, 8.0.1
vdi-centos6 8.1, 8.0.1

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Change Log

o Feb 22, 2018 : Installed gdb/8.1 on copper, dusky, goblin, iqaluk, monk, mosaic, orca, vdi-centos6, windeee, wobbie.
o Dec 19, 2017 : Installed gdb/8.0.1 on copper, dusky, goblin, iqaluk, monk, orca, redfin, tembo, vdi-centos6, windeee, wobbie.