EMACS (Utility)


An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor with many powerful features.


The terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) state that the Emacs source code, including both the C and Emacs Lisp components, are freely available for examination, modification, and redistribution. Sourced from

Availability Table

System Versions
dusky 24.5.1

Change Log

o Dec 21, 2016: Installed emacs/24.5.1 on dusky.
o Jul 2, 2016: Installed emacs/24.5.1 on all centos6 sharcnet systems including angel, brown, copper, goblin, iqaluk, kraken, monk, mosaic, orca, redfin, saw, tembo, vdi-centos6, windeee and wobble.