MPFUN90 (Library)


MPFUN90 is a Fortran-90 arbitrary precision package similar to the ARPREC package, except its developed exclusively in Fortran-90. The library is written by David H. Bailey et. al from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


By using this software you are affirming your agreement to the terms of the LBNL-BSD license that is in the file LBNL-BSD-License.doc. If you have any questions regarding this license, please contact the LBNL Innovation and Partnerships Office at

Availability Table

System Versions
wobbie 20100825, 20060123
iqaluk 20100825, 20060123


o Oct 1, 2015: Renamed version 6.1.23 to 20060123 in Availability Table. Renamed this software page from mpfun to mpfun90 to not be confused with the new mpfun2015 software page.

Change Log

o Dec 16, 2015: Removed mpfun/6.1.23 from guppy and mako, use mpfun90/20060123 instead.
o Oct 1, 2015: Installed mpfun90/intel1503/20100825 on angel, brown, copper, goblin, iqaluk, kraken, monk, mosaic, orca, redfin, saw, tembo, windeee and wobbie.
o Sep 28, 2015: Added mpfun 6.1.23 (20060123) to iqaluk, mosaic, copper and vdi-centos6.
o May 22, 2013: Removed version 6.1.23 (obsolete Pathscale3 build) from requin.
o June 1, 2011: Removed the goblin entry from the Availability Table pending critical update. Installed mpf90 on mako, gulper and guppy. Reinstalled mpfun90 on requin as well as kraken and tope with the pathscale3 and intel builds respectively. Verified functionality of Example1 on all clusters shown in the Availability Table.