LSPREPOST (Visualization)


LS-PrePost was designed to provide the following core functionalities: Full LS-DYNA keyword support, LS-DYNA model visualization, LS-DYNA model creation and editing, Advanced post-processing.

LS-PrePost’s main post-processing capabilities include states result animation, fringe component plotting, and XY history plotting.

LS-PrePost is also capable of importing and exporting data in a number of common formats. The figure on the right illustrates a sampling of those that a typical user might find most useful.

Availability Table

System Versions
gra-vdi 4.5

Change Log

o Oct 31 2018: Installed lsprepost/4.5 on vdi-centos6, vdi-centos7 and gra-vdi.
o Nov 4 2014: Removed lsprepost/4.2 from viz1-uwaterloo, viz2-uwaterloo, viz3-uwaterloo.
o Sep 18 2014: Installed lsprepost/4.2 on vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo and
o Jun 17 2014: Installed lsprepost/4.2 on viz1-uwaterloo, viz2-uwaterloo and viz3-uwaterloo.