CONVERGE (Commercial)


CONVERGEā„¢ is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that completely eliminates the user time needed to generate a mesh through an innovative run-time mesh generation technique. Because of this, CONVERGEā„¢:

  • allows moving boundaries to be handled completely automatically
  • eliminates the deforming mesh issues typically associated with moving boundaries
  • allows for perfectly orthogonal cells resulting in improved accuracy and simplified numerics
  • maintains the true geometry, independent of the mesh resolution


To use this software requires purchasing a license from the company and then joining the sharcnet converge group to get access to the software installed on sharcnet. If your interested please submit a problem and explain your request, you will then be provided with additional instructions needed for obtaining a license file that will work on the sharcnet license server.

Availability Table

System Versions
orca 2.2.0_071614, 2.2.0_060914

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Change Log

o Jul 24, 2014: Installed converge/2.2.0_071614 on orca, hound and saw.
o Jun 26, 2014: Installed converge/2.2.0_060914 on orca, hound and saw.