YT (Visualization)


The yt project is a Python package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric, multi-resolution astrophysical data.


Open-source under the GPL license.

Availability Table

System Versions
vdi-fedora23 3.2.3
vdi-centos6 2.5.4
iqaluk 2.5.4

Change Log

o May 9 2016 : Installed yt-3.2.3 under /usr/local on vdi-fedora20 and di-fedora23.
o Nov 4, 2014 : Installed yt-2.5.4 (yt/1.0 sharcnet module) on viz10-uwo and viz11-uwo.
o Aug 26, 2013 : Installed yt-2.5.4 (via yt/1.0 sharcnet module)onto centos6 systems.