OPENCV (Visualization)


OpenCV is released under a BSD license, it is free for both academic and commercial use. It has C++, C, Python and soon Java interfaces running on Windows, Linux, Android and Mac. The library has >2500 optimized algorithms. Uses range from interactive art, to mine inspection, stitching maps on the web on through advanced robotics.

Availability Table

System Versions
mosaic 2.4.9, 3.4.0
vdi-fedora23 system
copper 2.4.9, 3.4.0
goblin 2.4.9, 3.4.0
wobbie 2.4.9, 3.4.0
vdi-centos6 2.4.9, 3.4.0
dusky 2.4.9, 3.4.0
iqaluk 2.4.9, 3.4.0

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o Mar 23, 2017 Installed opencv/gcc550-python2714/3.4.0 which supports cuda/8.0.61 and is built against python/core-gcc550/2.7.14 and ffmpeg/system/3.4.2 plus its module sets both PKG_CONFIG_PATH (new) and PYTHONPATH. Also installed opencv/gcc630-python2714/3.4.0 which does NOT support cuda but is built against ffmpeg/system/3.4.2 and python/core-gcc630/2.7.14.

o Oct 26, 2015 The sharcnet open/2.4.9 module has been updated to include 1) PYTHONPATH pointing to the directory location of and 2) a conflict statement so that a sharcnet python module can only be loaded after opencv to manually override the system version.

Change Log

o Mar 23, 2017 Installed opencv/gcc550-python2714/3.4.0 and opencv/gcc630-python2714/3.4.0 on copper, dusky, goblin, iqaluk, monk, mosaic, orca, vdi-centos6, windeee, wobbie.
o May 9, 2016 Installed opencv- on vdi-fedora23.
o Oct 26, 2015 Removed opencv/2.4.2 from tembo.
o Nov 4, 2014 Installed opencv-2.4.7 on vdi-fedora20, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo. Installed opencv/2.4.9 on vdi-centos6. Removed opencv/2.4.0 and opencv/2.4.2 from all sharcnet clusters.
o Jun 3, 2014 Installed opencv/2.4.9 on angel, brown, goblin, hound, iqaluk, kraken, monk, orca, redfin, saw and wobbie.
o Aug 25, 2012 Installed opencv/2.4.2 on angel, brown, goblin, hound, iqaluk, kraken, monk, orca, redfin, saw and wobbie.
o Jun 11, 2012 Installed version opencv/2.4.0 on centos5 clusters mako and guppy.