LSDYNA (Commercial)


LS-DYNA is a general purpose transient dynamic finite element program capable of simulating complex real world problems. LS-DYNA is known worldwide as the most advanced general purpose nonlinear finite element program – capable of simulating complex real world problems. Implicit, Explicit, SMP and MPP imbedded in one code. LS-DYNA is suitable to investigate phenomena that involve large deformations, sophisticated material models and complex contact conditions. LS-DYNA allows running an analysis explicitly or implicitly and combining different disciplines such as coupled thermal analysis, fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, SPH (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics), EFG (Element Free Galerkin). For many products LS-DYNA is key to reduce the time to market. Investigations with LS-DYNA assist to design robust products. With the option of multidisciplinary simulations LS-DYNA significantly increases the potential for developing innovative products.


Sharcnet does not purchase a license for general lsdyna use. Research groups must instead purchase a (unlimited network license for their department) to be installed on the SHARCNET license server and managed by SHARCNET thereafter. If you wish to purchase such a license please open open a problem ticket. A unlimited license costs $500 which covers 200 cores by default or more by special request. When applying to buy a license from LSTC you must tell them the software will only be used on clusters located at UW namely hound, saw and orca.

Before using the sharcnet lsdyna modules you must open a ticket and request being added to the sharcnet lsdyna group, otherwise the software will not be accessible.

Availability Table

System Versions
dusky r712.95028 (smp,mpp), ls980B1.78258 (smp), ls980B1.011113 (mpp), ls971.r85718 (mpp), r711.88920 (smp,mpp), r800.95359 (smp,mpp), r901.109912 (smp,mpp)


o Jan 8, 2019: A temporary license for the Cronin group was put in place today. A license server restart will be required when the permanent license arrives which may kill jobs ! Another message will be posted here once that is done.

o Dec 10, 2018: The compute canada lsdyna modules on graham are not available on new orca at this time. Once they are loadable and usable, the word orca will appear beside graham in the first two rows of the above Availability Table. Until then please use the legacy sharcnet modules as descibed in the sharcnet wiki Documentation link or simply use graham.

o Dec 2, 2017: Starting with version r901.109912 the following 4 links to binaries for sharcnet mpp lsdyna modules are defined: l2a_s, l2a_d, lsdyna_s and lsdyna_d. To determine what they represent (point to) use the readlink command as shown in the following l2a_s example:

[roberpj@orc-login1:~] module unload mkl intel openmpi
[roberpj@orc-login1:~] module load intel/15.0.3 openmpi/intel1503-std/1.8.7 lsdyna/mpp/r901.109912
[roberpj@orc-login1:~] readlink -f `which l2a_d`

o Feb 21, 2015: The two modules ls980mppB1 and ls980mppB2 have been reinstalled as the equivalent three module files ls980B1.011113, ls971.r85718 and ls980B1.78258 as shown. Inparticular note that lsdyna_d now points to lsdyna_d_011113 instead of lsdyna_d_82423.

  OLD MODULE NAME                             NEW MODULE NAME
1) ls980mppB1 (lsdyna_d_011113)           |--> ls980B1.011113  (lsdyna_d=lsdyna_d_011113)
   ls980mppB1 (lsdyna_d_120712)           |--> ls980B1.011113  (lsdyna_d_120712)
   ls980mppB1 (lsdyna_d=lsdyna_d_82423)   |--> ls980B1.011113  (lsdyna_d_82423)
2) ls980mppB2 (lsdyna_d_85718)             --> ls971.r85718    (lsdyna_d)
3) ls980smpB1 (lsdyna_d=lsdyna_d_78258)    --> ls980B1.78258   (lsdyna_d)

Change Log

o Dec 2, 2015: Installed lsdyna/smp/r901.109912 and lsdyna/mpp/r901.109912 on orca and saw.
o Dec 23, 2015: Installed lsdyna/r712.95028 on orca and saw.
o Jun 16, 2015: Removed retired cluster hound from the Availability Table.
o May 20, 2015: Installed lsdyna/r800.95359 on hound, orca and saw.
o Sep 4, 2014: Installed lsdyna/r611.79036 and lsdyna/r611.80542 on hound, orca and saw.
o Aug 20, 2014: Removed ls971mpp6.1.1 (lsdyna_s=lsdyan_s_80542, lsdyna_d=lsyna_d_79036) and ls971smp6.1.1 (lsdyna_s=lsdyna_s_78769, lsdyna_d=lsdyan_d_78769) from hound, orca and saw.
o Jun 23, 2014: Removed ls971mpp6.0.0, ls971mpp6.1.0, ls971smp6.0.0, ls971smp6.1.0
o Jun 17, 2014: Installed modules lsdyna/mpp/r711.88920, lsdyna/mpp/r711.88920, lsdyna/mpp/r711.88920 on hound, orca and saw. Installed lsprepost/4.2 viz1-uwaterloo, viz2-uwaterloo, viz3-uwaterloo, hound orca and saw.
o Apr 24, 2013: Updated lsdyna/ls971mpp6.1.1 such that lsdyna_s uses revision 80542.
o Apr 9, 2013: Installled modules ls971mpp6.1.1 and ls971smp6.1.1 on hound, orca, saw.
o May 22, 2012: Installed modularized versions ls971r5.0, ls971r5.1.1 and ls971r6.0.0 on saw and orca. Installed McGill license file on license2.
o Jan 09, 2012: Installed ls971mpp6.1.0 and ls971mpp6.1.0 on hound, saw, orca. Renamed modules ls971r6.0.0 and ls971r6.0.0mpp to new format ls971mpp6.0.0 and ls971mpp6.0.0. Installed UW license update on db with expirey 12312012.