ABAQUS (Commercial)


Simulation solutions including the Abaqus product suite for Unified Finite Element Analysis, multiphysics solutions for insight into challenging engineering problems, and lifecycle management solutions for managing simulation data, processes, and intellectual property.

This software is presently operating under and evaluation demo license with a single seat and is therefore not available for general use. If your group would like to use Abaqus it will be necessary to purchase an academic license for use on the sharcnet license server (which incidentaly appears very reasonably priced considering the capabilities of this package). If this interests your research group then please submit a problem ticket and reference this software page.


The sharcnet Abaqus license has been successfully renewed for Jan 2018 – Jan 2019. Its next renewal date is 17-jan-2019. Once again 2 CAE seats and 21 standard abaqus execute compute license tokens will be FREELY available on a first come first serve basis.

Research groups can purchase dedicated tokens to be hosted on the Sharcnet Abaqus Academic Researach license server. The approximate 2018 cost is $100 per compute token plus $360 per user gui seat plus applicable taxes. Sharcnet covers the base license cost which is non-trivial. Submit a problem ticket if this is of interest, sharcnet will then contact the company and handle all details of purchasing the license you want, following this the PI will be invoiced.

The abaqusstat command maybe used to check how many tokens are in use as described in the Documentation (click link below). New abaqus users must submit a problem ticket to request joining the abaqus group otherwise the software will not be accessible.

To give everyone a chance running Abaqus on sharcnet for free, the license server limits research groups to 15 of 16 abaqus tokens and each researcher to 10 of 16 tokens; by November the license server research group limit will be adjusted to 15 of 21 free abaqus tokens while the researcher limit will be 10 of 21 free tokens. WARNING: If the required tokens are not available when a job starts, the job must be manually killed then resubmitted to the queue otherwise it will sit idle until the specified maximum job -r runtime is reached.

Availability Table

Version Default Module Systems
6.13.3 (group: abaqus) True dusky, goblin, orca, vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo
6.14.2 (group: abaqus) True dusky, goblin, orca, vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo


Mailing List

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o Aug 27, 2018: Western researchers located on western campus have the option of using either A) the sharcnet license by doing: module load abaqus/6.14.2 which currently provides 16 free licenses or B) using the western consolidated license by doing: module load abaqus.6.14.2-uwo which currently provides 20 free licenses.

o Apr 11, 2018: The number of free for use tokens has been restored to 21 tokens.

o Feb 2, 2018: For the month of february only 40-19-9=12 tokens (instead of the usual 21 tokens) will be freely available. This will be enough to support running 2 CAE single cpu sessions on vdi-centos6 (10 tokens total) OR a 1 CAE single cpu job on vdi-centos6 (11 tokens total) OR 2 cpu compute jobs in a sharcnet cluster queue (12 tokens total) OR a single 8cpu job (12 tokens total). The relationship between tokens and cpus is give by this table:

CPUS   1   2  4   8  12  16  24  32  64  128
TOKENS 5   6  8  12  14  16  19  21  28   38

o Jan 31, 2018: The sharcnet license is in the process of being renewed, and should be usable again by Feb 2.

o Oct 12, 2017 Abaqus 6.14.2 has been fixed for running threaded jobs in the goblin, dusky and orca queues. Mpi jobs no longer work and may not be fixed until the next version of Abaqus is installed.

o Feb 6, 2017: Coming soon on Sharcnet Abaqus 2017

o Jan 5, 2017: License renewed and in place for 2017 including additional free tokens for running compute jobs in cluster queues and one free cae for graphical use on vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo or viz11-uwo. Dedicated tokens maybe purchased through sharcnet any time by opening a ticket.

Change Log

o Feb 23, 2017: Installed abaqus/6.14.2 on dusky.
o Jan 5, 2017: Installed abaqus/6.14.2 on vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, goblin, saw and orca.
o Oct 10, 2014: Installed abaqus/6.13.3 on vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, goblin, saw and orca. Removed abaqus/6.13.3 from viz4-uoguelph, viz6-uoguelph and viz8-uwo.
o Mar 6, 2014: Removed sharcnet module abaqus/6.11-2 from goblin and viz8-uwo.
o Jan 28, 2014: Removed abaqus/6.11-2 from viz1-uwo, viz2-uwo, viz3-uwo, viz4-uwo, viz5-uwo and viz6-uwo. Then installed abaqus/6.13.3 on viz4-uoguelph, viz6-uoguelph and viz8-uwo.
o Jan 5, 2012: Installed version 6.11-2 on tope and hound.
o Oct 5, 2012: Moved 6.11-2 base install to UWO systems including viz[1-11]-sharcnet and goblin cluster. Abaqus is no longer available on tope, hound or viz1-wlu or viz2-wlu workstations.