Research Initiatives

Digital Humanities Outreach

One of the objectives outlined in SHARCNET's Strategic Plan is to focus on broadening the range of disciplines using HPC. In an effort to meet this objective, SHARCNET has made a concerted outreach effort to the Digital Humanities. This has included running special DH workshops and targetted dedicated resources and fellowships competitions.

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Youth Outreach

SHARCNET has taken a number of steps to outreach to K-12 students. These activities are important in order to demonstrate the potential of advanced and high-performance computing and its applicability in a variety of disciplines, and to encourage students to think about pursuing careers in the growing range of activities that depend on effective use of these technologies. To help explain and demonstrate what supercomputing is, SHARCNET has developed two prototype "Supercomputers-in-a-box" (S-I-B). These are easily portable self-contained parallel computers that can be used to demonstrate parallel computations and to show some simplified versions of current research applications, across a variety of disciplines. These have been used at Science Fairs and in presentations to groups of both high school and grade school students and teachers to great success. Subsequent phases of our youth outreach plan include generating a tool-kit which will allow students to build their own S-I-B, followed by students developing and running their own code. If your organization or school is interested in a SHARCNET S-I-B presentation, please contact