Research at SHARCNET

High performance computing accelerates the production of research results of benefit to Canadian industries, the economy and society in general. SHARCNET is a leading provider of this critical enabling technology, and thus, plays a major role in supporting innovation in both academic and industrial research environments.

High performance computing facilities like SHARCNET guarantee Canada's long term impact in many areas of science and engineering, stimulate our high tech industries, and impact education at all levels of society. Basic scientific research is essential if Canada is to maintain its international competitiveness. SHARCNET’s unique model of distributed facilities provides our researcher community with opportunities for inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaboration, facilitating research and innovation that would otherwise be impossible. These contributions to basic and applied research will greatly enhance the economic and cultural lives of everyone in Canada and beyond.

More than half of SHARCNET’s resources are dedicated to providing the support needed to attract, train, retain and support a critical mass of highly qualified, computationally intensive, research groups.