Publication: Vortex models for feedback stabilization of wake flows

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Title Vortex models for feedback stabilization of wake flows
Authors/Editors* B. Protas
Where published* R. King (Ed.) Active Flow Control (Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design)
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2007
Pages 422-436
Publisher Springer
This paper reviews recent progress concerning development of point–vortex reduced– order models for feedback stabilization of the cylinder wake flow. First, we recall briefly some earlier results related to the design of linear feedback stabilization strategies based on the F¨oppl system. Then we present derivation of a higher–order F¨oppl system based on solutions of the Euler equations which desingularize the original F¨oppl vortices. We argue that such higher–order F ¨oppl systems possess important advantages over the classical F¨oppl system which are relevant from the control–theoretic point of view. In particular, we present computational results indicating that a higher–order F¨oppl system can be stabilized completely in contrast to the classical F¨oppl system for which this is not possible owing to the presence of a stable center manifold spanned by uncontrollable modes.
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