Publication: Spin and chiral stiffness of the XY spin glass in two dimensions

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Title Spin and chiral stiffness of the XY spin glass in two dimensions
Authors/Editors* M Weigel, M Gingras
Where published* Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 19
Pages 145217
Publisher Institute of Physics
Keywords spin glass; planar model; ground states; domain walls
We analyse the zero-temperature behaviour of the XY Edwards–Anderson spin glass model on a square lattice. A newly developed algorithm combining exact ground-state computations for Ising variables embedded into the planar spins with a specially tailored evolutionary method, resulting in the genetic embedded matching (GEM) approach, allows for the computation of numerically exact ground states for relatively large systems. This enables a thorough reinvestigation of the long-standing questions of (i) extensive degeneracy of the ground state and (ii) a possible decoupling of spin and chiral degrees of freedom in such systems. The new algorithm together with appropriate choices for the considered sets of boundary conditions and finite-size scaling techniques allows for a consistent determination of the spin and chiral stiffness scaling exponents.
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