Publication: Geometric and Stochastic Clusters of Gravitating Potts Models

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Title Geometric and Stochastic Clusters of Gravitating Potts Models
Authors/Editors* M Weigel, W. Janke
Where published* Physics Letters B
How published* Journal
Year* 2006
Volume 639
Pages 373
Publisher Elsevier
Keywords quantum gravity; Potts model; random graphs; stochastic Loewner evolution
We consider the fractal dimensions of critical clusters occurring in configurations of a q-state Potts model coupled to the planar random graphs of the dynamical triangulations approach to Euclidean quantum gravity in two dimensions. For regular lattices, it is well-established that at criticality the properties of Fortuin–Kasteleyn clusters are directly related to the conventional critical exponents, whereas the corresponding properties of the geometric clusters of like spins are not. Recently it has been observed that the latter are related to the critical properties of a tricritical Potts model with the same central charge. We apply the KPZ formalism to develop a related prediction for the case of Potts models coupled to quantum gravity and employ numerical simulation methods to confirm it for the Ising case q=2.
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