Publication: Grid Scheduling with ATOP-Grid under Time Sharing

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Title Grid Scheduling with ATOP-Grid under Time Sharing
Authors/Editors* Xijie Zeng, Jiaying Shi, Xiaorong Cao, and Angela C. Sodan
Where published* Proc. CoreGrid Workshop on Grid Middleware (in conjunction with ICS)
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2007
Pages 15 pages
Publisher Springer
ATOP-Grid is an adaptive middleware which supports workload redis- tribution under varying resource allocation in both the space and time dimensions. In earlier work, we have already shown that time-shared execution of jobs, which splits the CPUs or cores per node between two jobs but shares the network, may provide a performance benefit vs. space sharing, which splits the nodes among the jobs. In this paper, we make a step towards providing a sounder foundation for time-sharing performance, investigating the time sharing behavior of jobs in more detail and looking into communication characteristics, memory access, and cache usage.
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