Publication: Gas-Phase Fragmentation of Protonated Benzodiazepines

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Title Gas-Phase Fragmentation of Protonated Benzodiazepines
Authors/Editors* Antonella Risoli, Joey B.Y. Cheng, Udo H. Verkerk, Junfang Zhao, Gaetano Ragno, Alan C. Hopkinson, K.W. Michael Siu
Where published* Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 21
Number 14
Pages 2273
Protonated 1,4-benzodiazepines dissociate in the gas phase by the common pathway of CO elimination and by unique pathways dictated by the substituents; the latter typically differentiate one benzodiazepine from another. Protonated 3-dihydro-5-phenyl-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one, the base diazepam devoid of substituents, dissociates by eliminating CO, HNCO, benzene, and benzonitrile. Mechanisms of these reactions are proposed with ionic products being resonance stabilized. The abundant [MH – CO]+ ion dissociates to secondary products via elimination of benzene, benzonitrile, the NH2 radical, and ammonia, yielding again ionic products that are stabilized by resonance.
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