Publication: How Much Do Computer Scientists Really Collaborate?

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Title How Much Do Computer Scientists Really Collaborate?
Authors/Editors* Angela C. Sodan
Where published* SIGCAS Computers and Society
How published* Journal
Year* 2006
Volume 36
Number 2
Publisher ACM
Teamwork has evolved to play an important role in science and is called for by funding agencies, universities, and industry. However, as important as teamwork nowadays is, teamwork may not be the only approach to produce relevant research results. Furthermore, cooperation does not always match its ideal and ranges from nominal collaboration to close interaction. Given that researchers in technical sciences are often rated as introverts, the question is whether this is true and how this affects their collaboration style and their capability to solve conflicts in collaboration. This paper presents the results of a study that investigates to what extent researchers collaborate, what their motivation for collaboration is, and how they deal with conflicts. Furthermore, the paper assesses the researchers’ personality types and checks whether a correlation exists between collaboration-related choices and personality types. The study was carried out with researchers in the area of high-performance computing.
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